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Mariah Carey Gets Booed Onstage By Angry Concert Fans After Showing Up Late on Mariah's Wo…

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Mariah Carey kept it moving along on her European Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour on Sunday’s all-new episode of Mariah’s Worldas the nonstop stress of traveling began to take its toll on her inner circle.

Mimi’s manager Stella Bulochnikov, in particular, had her hands extra full dealing with tabloid gossip and squashing her feud with Mariah’s hairstylist, Danielle Priano. Meanwhile, the new tour manager made a major mistake with the schedule that put the pop star in a difficult position with her beloved fans.

Keep reading for a recap of the biggest moments from tonight’s episode!


Mariah decided to play a little prank on her agents after they called believing a rumor she wanted endangered white tigers and elephants at her wedding to James Packer. “I think that by really putting them up on a pedestal that way it will get more press for them and then more people will donate money,” she pretended over the phone. “The scientists are working hard, hard day and night trying to get them to not go extinct and all I’m trying to do is be involved. Can you help?” Her agent eventually realized she was pulling his leg, but MC still didn’t let him off the hook. “I can’t believe you guys thought I would do that!” she said. “That’s really sick!”

Old Friends

Now that he was back her tour again, Bryan Tanaka was dying for a chance to reconnect with Mariah after all their time apart. “I love Mariah. She’s been actually one of the most amazing, supportive people in my career,” he gushed. “Because I’ve worked with her for so long, I’ve been able to see the most real, authentic Mariah Carey. She is extremely thoughtful. She is extremely caring. There’s something so unique about her. This tour has been crazy. I haven’t even been able to talk to MC on a real conversation. I’m looking forward to that because we have a lot to catch up on.”

Hairy Situation

With a few tour stops under her belt, Mariah decided she desperately wanted her former hairstylist back with her in Europe because the new guy just wasn’t working. “Danielle knows how to do what I want and for me it’s important to go on stage feeling good,” she said. However, Stella had differences with Danielle in the past and she wasn’t eager to bring her back. “I’m going to have to figure this out,” Stella responded. “I’d almost rather you do your own hair than deal with the Danielle drama.” But, in the end, Mimi always gets what she wants, even if Stella doesn’t like it. “Even though Danielle’s amazing at hair, she causes so much f–king drama,” she vented.

The Tanaka

Mariah’s backup dancers put Bryan in the hot spot while talking about all of his tour groupies during a night out at a bar. “Walk past his door and you’ll see all types of gifts, flowers, candies,” creative director Anthony Burrell revealed. “They want the Tanaka.” LOL! But Bryan made it clear he’s still on the search for that someone special. “I’m single and I’m having fun right now,” he explained. “But when I am with the right person, [it’s] 100 percent loyalty. And, I actually cannot wait.”

Meanwhile, he was super excited to celebrate Mimi’s upcoming birthday, AKA her 14th anniversary. “We got to do something crazy on stage,” Bryan told the other dancers. “You were saying maybe roll out a cake or something. We got to get Roc and Roe to maybe come out on stage. We got to do something special for her.” Aw!

Tabloid Drama

Stella was pissed after she learned an ex-staff member was badmouthing her in the media. “So, Mariah gets a text that a former employee is talking to the press,” she explained. “They need attention so badly that they start talking to the media and spewing this bulls–t. You want to say that I’m a Russian dictator? Hahaha, you’re so f–king clever. Just don’t call me a f–king bitch!” Stella was so heated she later decided to call a lawyer to sue the publications for slander. “Let’s make an example out of them,” she said. “I’m going to teach them a f–king lesson! They better f–king cease and desist!”

Don’t Be Tardy

Mariah and her entourage ran into a speed bump while flying from London to her concert in Luxembourg after tour manager Yoni failed to mention there was a crucial time difference. “It is one hour ahead,” he casually revealed. Stella was shocked. “Please tell me that she’s not supposed to be on stage 15 minutes ago,” she pleaded. “Please tell me this is not possible. Please tell me this is not true!”

Mimi Magic

Yoni’s mistake forced Mariah and her team to have to rush to the venue and get her ready in a hurry. As her fans grew more and more impatient, there was nothing for Mimi to do but suck it up and deliver another outstanding show. “It’s always my fault. It doesn’t matter,” she explained. “What I do is live in the solution, so I always have to acknowledge, take the blame, apologize and keep it moving.”

Luckily, Mariah was able to work her usual magic and win over the crowd even though she was initially greeted with boos. “There are some people who expect me to be late and they like it when I’m late,” she said. “They think it’s diva-ish. But that’s not who I am. I look at my fans like my family, so I’d rather do my best to get there and give them a good experience.”

Cake, Cake, Cake

After the show, Mariah’s assistant Lianna Shakhnazaryan and Stella’s daughter Mishka asked Bryan if he would be willing to jump out of a cake for MC’s upcoming anniversary. Even though he agreed to do it, he was nervous about how it would go down. But his fellow backup dancer G. Madison was able to offer up some useful advice. “You’re going to dim them eyes,” he said. “You’re going to flex them guns. You’re going to tighten them abs and you’re going to jump out of that cake and look like Halle Berry.”

Oh, we can’t wait to see that!

Watch a brand-new episode of Mariah’s World Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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