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Matthew Lewis Has Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown to Thank for His Tattoo's New Me…

So that’s what your tattoo symbolizes…

Sure Matthew Lewis has had some ink on the right side of his arm for quite some time. And yes, Stranger Things became a smash hit on Netflix in just the past couple of months.

But in a hilarious new Instagram shared Sunday afternoon, the Harry Potter star revealed the true meaning behind his famous roman numerals.

“A lot of people ask what my tattoo means. Now you know,” he wrote online while posing with one of the show’s biggest breakout stars. “@milliebobby_brown #XI #Eleven.”

For those who aren’t obsessed with the show, where have you been, let us explain.

Millie Bobby Brown‘s character is named 11 which totally matches the number on Matthew’s right arm. Does this mean the Harry Potter star totally saw the future and knew this show was going to be a hit? Probably not, but Neville did have more potential than anyone ever knew.

Ever since Stranger Things premiered on Netflix, the youngest cast members have received a whole new level of fame they never could have predicted.

But when attending the 2016 Emmys in Los Angeles last month, everyone appeared to be taking things in stride.

“The best part about the ride, meeting everyone that just loves the show because, I mean, they’re all super great to us,” Gaten Matarazzo shared with E! News. “I just respect them for coming up to me and asking for pictures and stuff. The fans have been the best part of the ride.”

Millie added, “It’s incredible. I’ve been watching E! and everything for such a long time now and to actually be here, it’s really amazing.”

And if you’re curious, season two is already in the works and expected to be nine episodes long. We already can’t wait.

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