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Nancy Grace: Judge In Ethan Couch Case ‘Needs To Be Thrown Off The Bench!’

In the most succinct outburst of outrage in the wake of the Ethan Couch sentencing, legal expert Nancy Grace said that the presiding official in the case, Tarrant County Juvenile Judge Jane Boyd “needs to be thrown off the bench!”

The Couch controversy hit The View Tuesday, where Grace was appearing as a special guest alongside regulars Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters.

Discussing the controversial “affluenza” hook that persuaded Boyd to give the drunk driving teen, who killed four, no prison time, McCarthy said, “It’s not even a recognized diagnosis,” before turning to Grace to ask the legal expert, “So do you see lawyers waving this flag now?”

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“Probably not as much, cause there’s not as many rich people that go to jail,” Grace said, simplifying the legal term as, “The lawyer told Judge Jane Boyd, who needs to be thrown off the bench, he didn’t know right from wrong.”

Couch’s parents — who themselves have a bit of legal blotter — also came under fire, with Goldberg chiming in, “If this is the route we’re going, then his parents needs to do a little talking as well.”

Shepherd, referencing our first look at the swanky rehab center Couch will stay as part of his sentence, asked, “Parents, what message are you sending to your children? You know when you say to somebody, ‘Your choices are going to kill somebody — now, your child is there.’”

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Even the mild-mannered Walters entered the fray over the judge’s puzzling sentence, saying, “I never want to condemn anyone like that — but she needs a lesson.”

As we previously reported, Ethan blew a .24 — three times the legal limit for an adult — three hours after he killed four people (Pastor Brian Jennings, 41; Hollie Boyles, 52; Shelby Boyles, 21; and Breanna Mitchell, 24) in Burleson, Tex. June 15, running them over in his red Ford F-350. Two boys in the back of the truck — Soliman Mohmand and Sergio Molina, both 15 at the time — also suffered severe injuries. Boyd sentenced Ethan to 10 years’ probation and a rehab stint at an upscale facility in Newport Beach, Calif.

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