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News Briefs: Misha Collins (But Not Castiel?) Is Returning to Supernatural


… The last time Supernatural fans saw Castiel, he stumbled into a pond and melted into black goo. But thankfully, it won’t be the last time fans see him on the series. Err… well sort of. Fan-favorite actor Misha Collins is returning to the series for three episodes but—and here’s the catch—he may not appear as Castiel, producers are eager to warn. Does this mean Jimmy Novak, Castiel’s vessel, will make an appearance? [TV Line]

… Ryan Kwanten, True Blood‘s resident Aussie beefcake (he plays Jason), will guest-star on Fox’s New Girl as a potential love interest for Jess (Zooey Deschanel). So that’s why Zooey’s getting divorced. I don’t blame her. [E! Online]

… Clark Duke of Clark and Michael (and Greek and Kick Ass, but those aren’t as cool) is stopping by New Girl to play a character who Nick gets in trouble. I’m pretty sure Zooey didn’t get divorced for this one. [TV Line]

Lost‘s Man in Black, Titus Welliver, is heading to Grimm. He’ll play one of the Grimm creatures being hunted by Nick. Welliver has also appeared on Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, and The Good Wife. [TV Line]

House is welcoming back Dr. House’s Season 7 wife Dominica. Karolina Wydra will return early next year in a recurring role after being absent for most of the current season even though she’s married to the main character (albeit for the purposes of getting a green card). You don’t marry a foreign hottie so she can live in America without taking some “tax,” if you know what I’m saying. (I’m saying sex.) [TV Line]


… This is a public service announcement: Uour new favorite show is called Newsroom. That’s the name the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-penned drama about a 24-hour cable news outlet has chosen. Gotta say I preferred the much more colorful More As the Story Develops. [HBO Watch]


… Fox is bumping Bones‘ midseason finale until next year to help promote its spin-off The Finder. The episode, originally scheduled to air December 15, will now air on January 12 as a lead-in for The Finder before disappearing until the spring. The series is already working with a shortened season and a wacky schedule due to star Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy. [TV Line]

… The CW is developing a show starring Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect) called Poseurs. It’s a comedy about two women who pretend to be lesbians so they can keep their fancy New York apartment. Decent idea for a movie, terrible idea for a TV series. [THR]

… Showtime has renewed Web Therapy for a ten-episode second season. Meryl Streep will guest-star for an arc. Maybe this will be her big break. [Deadline Hollywood]

… TLC has greenlighted Hook, Line & Sisters, a docu-drama about a family of deep-sea fishermen and women, including two twentysomething daughters. Yay. [Deadline Hollywood]


… Madonna has officially been named the halftime entertainment for this year’s Super Bowl, performing alongside Cirque du Soleil. Interestingly, my nightmare last night involved the exact same thing! []

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