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Open Caption: Alcatraz

242 years ago today, blood was spilled in the streets of Boston. Fun fact, right? Too soon to ask you guys to put a caption on an artist’s rendering of the Boston Massacre? Thought so. Here are the winners from Friday’s contest:

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From Geek_Queen:

Damien: “What do you mean this isn’t Michael Westen’s loft?”

From mksystem74:

Damien: “Josh Holloway… eat your heart out!”

From Mate:

Damien: “What’s that smell?”

Today’s Image: Alcatraz

Tonight’s episode, “Ames Brothers/Sonny Burnett,” is a two-hour event. You read that right. And it’s said to be the most thrilling, action-packed couple of episodes to date. The suspense kicks off after two of Alcatraz’s most violent brothers return to the island, followed by notorious Sonny Burnett, a man who turned more violent with each passing day back when he was held prisoner. In the still below, Rebecca (Sarah Jones) runs into former Officer Donovan (Frank Whaley) whose suspiciously posing as a park ranger. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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