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Point/Counterpoint: Should ‘The Flash’ turn Caitlin into Killer Frost?

There’s a lot happening on “The Flash” this season, but perhaps nothing is quite as engaging as the journey of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). With the Flashpoint timeline altering things, she’s developing Killer Frost powers — and a very nasty attitude.

Will she go full-on villain? “Flash” fans have already seen exactly what Killer Frost is capable of on Earth-2, but this is a Caitlin viewers have gotten to know over two seasons. Is she truly capable of becoming the bad guy? What’s more, should she?

It’s a question that has divided the “Flash” fans here at Screener, and worth debate: Should “The Flash” make Caitlin into a villain? Take a look at the arguments for and against the character development below, and decide for yourself.

Lindsay: Caitlin should become a villain

Here’s the deal: Caitlin Snow has gone two whole years on “The Flash” without getting a juicy plot. Sure, she’s a brilliant scientist who’s integral to the team, but other than a few love interests, she hasn’t really gotten to explore a storyline that is all her own.

Now we’re meeting her family, getting some serious backstory, and watching her struggle with an existential crisis that is all about her. It’s fantastic.

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While we love watching Caitlin be a beacon of hope and positivity on the team, at the end of the day, all we want for our favorite characters is a complex story arc that takes them to places they’ve never been before. Killer Frost might be scary — and pretty dangerous for both Caitlin and her friends — but she’s a side of Caitlin Snow we haven’t gotten to dig into yet.

However, Caitlin turning evil is basically the plot equivalent of chocolate cake. One delicious slice satisfies your craving, but any more than that and you’re going to start hating it. We’re willing to put up with a few solid episodes of Caitlin turning into Killer Frost before we’re going to need Barry to reverse all this Flashpoint nonsense and giving us our darling Caitlin Snow back.

Chris: Caitlin should not become a villain

It’s a tale as old as “The Flash.” Someone Barry trusts, an ally in his inner-circle, ends up being bad. It happened with Harrison Wells, it happened with Jay Garrick and it’s going to happen again with Caitlin? She’s the paragon of all things good, that helps keep us optimistic on this show.

She’s been through so much over two seasons — including losing the love of her life twice, three times if you count when he went off to work with Martin Stein — that it wouldn’t be a shock to see her go evil… But it would be so disappointing. When “The Flash” is at its darkest, Caitlin is the ray of nerdy sunshine that gets you through.

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Plus, if we’re being honest, villains don’t last forever on “The Flash.” If Caitlin embraces and becomes Killer Frost, that doesn’t bode well for the character’s future on the show. After all, it’s not like she’s going to get to hang out at STAR Labs to help solve problems.

Then there’s the issue of villains themselves: “The Flash” isn’t short on baddies. Between Dr. Alchemy and Savitar, there’s plenty of evil to go around — and that’s before you throw in the villains of the week.

So Caitlin should not be a villain. Sure, she can dabble in the dark side a bit but when push comes to shove, she’s far too important to “The Flash” to just become evil from here on out. We need Caitlin. Without her, “The Flash” just wouldn’t be the same.

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