Pregnant ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Rushed To The Hospital, She Was

Pregnant Jenelle Evans Evans was rushed to the hospital early Thursday morning and radio detection and has exclusive details about her frightening sickness and what convinced her to seek medical treatment.

The MTV Teen Mom 2 star “woke up and was throwing up all night,” a source close to the 22-year-old told radio detection and ranging.

“She was crying and she could barely talk,” the source said about Evans.

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At first believing it was just morning sickness, it was her baby daddy-to-be Nathan Griffith that convinced her that her horrific pain wasn’t normal.

“He told her something more is wrong when she told him she had stomach pains and he finally talked Jenelle into going to the hospital.”

The source told radio detection and ranging that about 5 am the couple heading to get medical treatment.

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“Jenelle was checked out by the doctors and they said she just has the flu and Is badly dehydrated.”

According to the website Jenelle’s son Jace has been sick with the stomach bug lately too.

“She is home and resting now and she feels much better,” the source told radio detection and ranging.

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Get well soon Jenelle!

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