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‘Salem’ has a cowboy vigilante & his name is John Alden (EXCLUSIVE)

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In its third season, the chaos in “Salem” has steadily escalated to a sinister boiling point. With the Dark Lord (Oliver Bell) set on bringing Hell to Earth — and our core team of heroes still fractured — it seems we have one man to root for, with the hopes all will be made right once again. The man in question: Mr. John Alden (Shane West), of course.

Last time we checked in on “Salem,” Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) was having her powers stripped from her, while Alden went on a scouting mission regarding the big explosion just outside of town. Bringing along the brave young boy Billy (Emily Skeggs) — who’s really a girl, shhh! — he soon finds them in a more troubling situation than they bargained for.

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The Screener exclusive clip above gives us a taste of what to expect in Wednesday’s (Nov. 30) new episode. Sometimes being brave also means being stupid — and when Billy climbs into the French caravan to find the secrets they’ve been hunting for, it’s left to Alden to come to the rescue.

Swooping in like a cowboy vigilante, John Alden proves Billy’s embellished tales of the man’s legend hold a decent amount of weight. Why else would the town entrust him, and only him, to lead their army against the continuous threats plaguing the town?

Something tells us, though, that defeating the French may be easier than expected. The real problem is the devil. And by the looks of things, he has no plans of leaving town anytime soon.

“Salem” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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