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Saturday Savings: Taylor Hill's Pre-Victoria's Secret Show Jeans Are Now 50% Off

You don’t need to be model fit to wear skinny jeans. You don’t need their bank account either. 

If you want to look as good as Taylor Hill did before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping this week, you may want to consider scooping up a pair of her Joe’s The Vixen Skinny jeans. Now you may be thinking: “It’s gifting season—I can’t spend money on designer denim.” Lucky for you, these babies are currently 50 percent off! 

Still apprehensive about wearing white jeans? Most people are, since white can show every wrinkle, curve or food baby bump. Before you dismiss this trend, try playing with proportions. Even if you don’t have a petite waist like the model, you can fake it with a bulky jacket that’s cropped a few inches higher than the start of your jeans. It’ll make that central area, exposed or not, between your pants and jacket appear smaller. 

Another trick is to wear a pair of white skinnies with detailing, to distract from anything you notice but everyone probably doesn’t. Zipper accents on the legs and pockets can deter the eye away from fabric folds. Embroidery and embellishments will make so much of a statement that no one will notice you’re wearing white. When in doubt, those slivers of skin from distressed patches will anchor any sterility they may come with wearing white. 

Shop our favorites below!

Do you have a favorite pair of white jeans? Share in the comments below!

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