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SDCC Exclusive: Conan ‘s Evil Marique, Rose McGowan

July 25, 2011

Every hero, even the savage barbarian kind, needs to have an evil counterpart and in the case of the upcoming Lionsgate movie, Conan the Barbarian, based on Robert E. Howard’s literary anti-hero, there are two, Stephen Lang’s Khalar Zym, and his sorceress daughter Marique, played by Rose McGowan. McGowan is no stranger to the action genre, especially after starring in Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, and at one point, she was going to play the leading role in that filmmaker’s take on another Howard character, Red Sonja.

SuperHeroHype sat down with Ms. McGowan a few days into Comic-Con to learn what she brought to the world of Conan the Barbarian and how working on Planet Terror nearly put her out of the action game for good.

You can watch the interview by clicking here!

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