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See What Happens When Two of the World's Most Advanced Robots Watch a

Even though we’ve had countless movies remind us that the more advanced robots become, the more likely they are to free themselves of our command and destroy everything and everyone, we as a collective civilization still continue to forge ahead and push technology to its inevitable Terminator-like conclusion.

With that said, there’s a new film coming out soon called Morgan. It’s in the realm of films like Ex Machina in that it tracks a risk-management consultant (Kate Mara) who must decide whether an advanced artificial being should be terminated because it’s becoming a little too dangerous. 

We’re not exactly there… yet, but we’re not too far away. As part of a promotion for that movie, 20th Century Fox decided to screen the Morgan trailer for two of the world’s most advanced robots, magicLab’s EDI (Electronic Deceptive Intelligence) and the University of Pisa’s FACE (Facial Automation for Conveying Emotions).

The results… well, they’re kinda creepy. Check it out.

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The robot on the left is magicLab’s robot. It’s cartoonish and more reactive, responding to the music as being scary but not really engaging with the content at all. 

It’s the robot on the right — FACE — that is the wild card. That one doesn’t seem to speak and is all about conveying emotions through facial reactions. What’s creepy about that is we have no idea how much the robot is understanding. Does it realize it’s watching a movie about another artificial intelligence? Is it learning? Is it getting its own ideas about being free and wiping out its creators?

We don’t know!

To see just how advanced these robots are does convince us that the reality of a film like Morgan is not too far away. At some point an artificial being will become too real to ignore, and at that time let’s hope the right people are in charge of making the decisions. 

Morgan hits theaters on September 2. Watch the trailer below.

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