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‘Shadowhunters’: Will Simon finally make a move on Clary?

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It’s a tale as old as time: Boy falls in love with girl, girl sees boy as just a friend, boy pines endlessly for a romance that will probably never happen.

“Shadowhunters” established right off the bat in its first season that Simon (Alberto Rosende) has been harboring a crush on his best friend Clary (Katherine McNamara) for a good long while — and for a second there, it looked like he was willing to bow out because of her obvious feelings for Jace (Dominic Sherwood).

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Now though, Jace and Clary know they’re brother and sister — awkward — which leaves the door open for Simon to try again to let Clary know how he feels.

“Simon has tried time and time again to tell Clary how he feels, and every time something seems to get in the way,” McNamara says. “What’s great about Simon and Clary this season is now that they’re both cemented in the shadow world, they are learning — they’re both fledglings in an equal sense. They’re learning how to handle their new abilities and how to find their place in this world, and it brings them closer together again. It’s nice to see that friendship again.”

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As far as Simon’s feelings for Clary (and whether she might ever return them), the most we could get out of McNamara was a “we’ll see,” which we’re satisfied with for now.

Clary has more important things to worry about like defeating her evil father and his army of bloodthirsty new shadowhunters, or figuring out why her mom wants to kill Jace rather than save him.

“Shadowhunters” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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