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‘Sound of Music Live’: How does Carrie Underwood’s performance hold up?


So many people tuned into “The Sound of Music Live!” when it first aired that NBC decided it was worth fiddling with their schedule to fit in a second viewing. The no-longer-“Live!” screening was viewers’ second chance to judge Carrie Underwood’s performance.

Critiques on Underwood were mixed the first go around, with Underwood even coming forward on Twitter to respond to all her detractors. But maybe those who were against Underwood’s performance during the first airing have had a change of heart. Who knows, maybe all those people did find Jesus like she suggested in the time between “Sound of Music Live!’s” Dec. 5 premiere and Dec. 14 re-airing.

So here’s our question to you: With the NBC special no longer live and after it airing once already, how do you feel about Underwood in “Sound of Music Live!” now? Vote in our poll below and explain your feelings in the comments below.

<a target=”_blank” href=””>How do you feel Carrie Underwood’s ‘Sound of Music Live!’ performance?</a>

Photo/Video credit: NBC

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