Katy Perry “California Gurls” Best-Selling Digital Song Of 2010

Did you know that Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” was the best-selling digital song of 2010 – selling almost 4.4 million copies since its release last summer? The announcement comes as “Firework,” the latest release featured on Perry’s Grammy-nominated Teenage Dream disc, regains the No. 1 spot on this week’s Billboard Hot 100. It’s been a

‘Toy Story 3′ highest grosser of 2010

Toy Story 3Filmmaker Lee Unkrich’s animated film “Toy Story 3″ has been named the highest grossing film of 2010, after making $1.1 billion at the international box office. Director Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” came second in this year’s list by raking in $1 billion worldwide, despite being panned by critics. Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” starring Leonardo DiCaprio

“Avatar” Most-Pirated Movie Of 2010

Avatar is no longer just the highest-grossing film in cinema history — the movie is now the most-pirated film of 2010! James Cameron’s record-setting blockbuster, the year’s fast-selling Blu-ray, was downloaded from torrent websites over 16 million times according to TorrentFreak. That figure represents a 33 percent increase in downloads from last year’s most pirated

Forbes Magazine: Leonardo DiCaprio Hollywood’s Highest-Grossing Star 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio ends 2010 with a bang: The Inception star topped Forbes Magazine’s list of the year’s Highest-Grossing Star. Leo’s movies have earned $1.1 billion at the global box office, according to the Finance Bible. DiCaprio has collaborated with high-profile directors over the course of his career and his Tinseltown connectiions have been especially lucrative

Betty White Associated Press Entertainer Of The Year 2010

Betty White’s been named 2010′s Entertainer of the Year by The Associated Press. The beloved octogenarian, 88 adds the 2010 honor to her arsenal of Emmys and Lifetime Achievement Awards. After 102 ballots were cast — submitted from US news organizations that make up The AP’s membership — the final tally was close: White’s 20