50 Cent donates Gaddafi cash to charity

Rapper 50 CentSinger 50 Cent is the latest to join the list of celebrities who have donated the money they had earned from their performance in Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s private party. He has donated his money to Unicef for relief efforts in Libya, reports aceshowbiz.com. “In light of the ongoing events in Libya, 50 Cent will

Chelsea Handler Dumped 50 Cent: “I Don’t Want Your Stinkin’ Presents!”

Contrary to rumors, scoundrels get lonely too. Just ask 50 Cent. Despite her frequent squeals at the sight of thugged-out hip-hopsters, Chelsea Handler’s not quite as down with “The Swirl” as she’d like us to believe. E!’s First Lady of Late-Night left 50 Cent “heartbroken” when she pulled the plug on their shortlived romance just

Kelsey Grammer Camille Grammer Divorce Settlement $50 Million?!

If he isn’t careful, she’ll take his “Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs” too! Well…This gives a whole new meaning to the expression “It’s Cheaper to Keep Her.” If Kelsey Grammer hopes to swap life with the Old Ball & Chain for a fantastic new existence with much-younger fiancee Kayte Walsh, the Frasier actor will have