Teen Sex Addict & Mother Suing Tyra Banks Appear On “The Early Show”

Beverly McClendon, the mother of a Georgia teenager who appeared as a self-described sex addict on the now-defunct Tyra Banks Show last November, has sued the supermodel host, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and the show’s executive producers for $3 million, alleging they flew the girl to New York and put her on TV without parental consent

Tyra Banks Sued By Mother Of Teenage Sex Addict

The Tyra Banks Show — once one of television’s most-watched gabfests — now collects dust as part of daytime history. That’s a fact that hasn’t stopped its supermodel namesake from being hauled into court over an episode that rocked the show’s final season. Emmy-winning entertainment titan Tyra Banks has been named in a $3 million

Alarming rise numbrs of tobacco addict girls

Number of tobacco addict girls is increasing in India. According to a report, 8.3% girls take tobacco in some form and what worries more is that the girls are in the age bracket of 13-15.
Global Youth Tobacco Survey has release these statistics in its recent first such report. The experts are saying that