Aguilera designing clothes for Brazilian store

Christina AguileraPop singer Christina Aguilera is joining the ranks of the celebrity fashion designers after teaming up with a Brazilian department store to launch her own clothing collection. The “Dirrty” hitmaker announced the deal with C&A bosses at a press conference in Sao Paulo Wednesday, reports “I am here and very focused on the campaign,”

Pixie Lott puts designer clothes and handbags on sale for charity

Pop star Pixie Lott is selling off her collection of free designer clothes and handbags to raise money for charity. Lott regularly receives bundles of clothes and accessories from big designer labels eager to attach her to their brand. However, the singer admits she now has too many clothes to wear – so she plans

Dame Helen Mirren buys holiday clothes from charity shops

Dame Helen Mirren has revealed that she buys her holiday clothes from charity shops. The Queen star admits she never takes her own garments away with her, instead choosing to pick up outfits from second-hand stores as soon as she arrives at her destination. “I love a good charity shop, especially when I”m travelling. When

Katie Holmes lets daughter Suri design her own clothes

Actress Katie Holmes has in an interview revealed that her 4-year-old daughter Suri has always picked out her own clothes since she was one-and-a-half. In the interview with New York magazine, Holmes, 31, revealed when she was growing up she wore hand-me-downs, but Suri prefers to design her own outfits. “I grew up the youngest

Lady Gaga puts her eccentric taste in clothes down to a drop of whisky

Lady Gaga has revealed the reason behind her eccentric taste in clothes. The 24-year-old said that her madcap dress sense is inspired by a drop of whisky. “We have a cigarette and whisky and look through racks of clothing,” the daily star quoted the 24-year-old singer as saying. She added: “It’s organic, there’s no pretence