Cheryl Cole won’t pluck her brows

Cheryl ColeSinger Cheryl Cole no longer plucks her eyebrows after her friends believed she had had botox injections when she was over-plucked with her tweezers. “I once tried to pluck my brows like Marilyn Monroe. I saw a programme on her and was like, ‘She’s amazing! I want her eyebrows’. But I went too far and

Cole dresses for pleasure

Cheryl ColeSinger Cheryl Cole doesn’t care about wearing designer clothes as her dressing sensibilities vouch for comfort and her personal liking. The “Promise This” singer who has many of the world’s top designers begging to dress her says she will choose an outfit based on whether she likes it and doesn’t care about who created it

50 Cent Cheryl Cole Dating?

Weird Couple Alert: Cheryl Cole, British songstress/reality show judge, is the latest lass romantically-linked to hip-hopster 50 Cent. Shh! Don’t tell Chelsea….. Even though she is trying very hard to show to the world that she’s in a relationship with Dancing With The Stars ace Derek Hough, there’s a strong buzz in the air that

Cheryl Cole ‘planning to move to Los Angeles’

Cheryl Cole 3Cheryl Cole will apparently move to Los Angeles as soon as the 6-million-pound Surrey mansion she shared with love-rat footballer Ashley is sold. The ‘Girls Aloud’ singer had also clinched a one-year 3-million-pound deal to be a judge on the US version of the X Factor. American dancer Derek Hough’s stepdad Aaron Nelson recalled how