Emma Watson says voice in her head is responsible for her darkest times

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has revealed that she has faced ‘dark times’ due to a ‘voice in her head’. Worth more than 20 million pounds, the Harry Potter actress has proved box office magic but despite her youthful success the 20-year-old has had crippling doubts about her talents. “I’ve had dark times, this voice

Emma Thompson begins her ‘gap year’ for daughter

Emma Thompson, who was criticised for her plans to take her 10-year-old daughter Gaia out of school to spend a year travelling the world, has quietly begun her gap year. The British actress has, however, agreed to scale her plans for her daughter. “She is taking time off to spend some quality time with her

Rupert Grint says onscreen kiss with Emma Watson was just ”okay”

Rupert Grint has said that his onscreen kiss with Emma Watson in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ was ”okay”. “It was actually okay,” People mag quoted Grint, 22, as saying. “It was just the anticipation. Neither of us were looking forward to it.” However, Grint does acknowledge that it may seem a bit unbelievable

I got really starstruck when I met Matt Damon, says Emma Watson

Emma Watson has revealed that she was so starstruck when she came across Matt Demon that she ‘literally couldn’t speak’. The 20-year-old often meets acting icons on the red carpet but admitted her encounter with Damon was a highlight for her. Watson found herself lost for words when she came face-to-face with the ‘Invictus’ star.

Emma Watson to spend 4 years in Providence’s Brown University

It seems Emma Watson plans to keep herself busy post ‘Harry Potter’. The relatively tiny city of Providence, RI, is a place where Watson a.k.a Hermione Granger has decided to spend her four years. The 20-year-old is currently plowing through her sophomore year at Providence’s Brown University, an Ivy League school, where she’s taking courses

Emma Watson has been ‘in love once’

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has admitted that she has been “in love once”, but has never had her heart broken. Watson, who plays brain box witch Hermione Granger in the popular film series, appeared in front of hordes of screaming fans at the film”s world premiere this week, where she revealed a little about

Emma Watson’s skimpy black dress wows Potter fans

Emma Watson cast a spell on hundreds of fans as she arrived for the world premiere of the latest Harry Potter movie. The actress showed a marked contrast to the prim and elegant outfits she has worn at the six previous Potter first nights, with a skimpy black lace mini-dress, reports the Mirror. 20-year-old Watson,

Madonna Definitely Dating Brahim Rachiki; Emma Thompson “Doesn’t Really

Aging pop icon Madonna is definitely dating the young choreographer she was spied locking lips with in a Manhattan hotspot last month. Interestingly enough, English actress Emma Thompson recently went on record with her feelings on the cougar phemenon, but more on that later. Brahim Rachiki, choreographed the 52-year-old singer’s Sticky & Sweet Tour, found