Josh Duhamel, Ice Cube, Ryan Seacrest Up For “New Year’s Eve” Movie

Ice Cube, Josh Duhamel and Ryan Seacrest are in negotiations to join the growing cast of Garry Marshall’s ensemble comedy New Year’s Eve, The Hollywood Reporter said Thursday. The follow-up to last year’s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, the script follows series of interconnected stories across the New York City over one evening. A host of

“The Vanilla Ice Project” Renewed For Second Season On DIY Network

Twenty years after Rob “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle struck gold with his catchy rap classic, “Ice Ice Baby,” the former hip-hopster is basking in the spotlight once more. On Tuesday, The Do-It-Yourself Network (DIY) announced that it is placing an order for a second season of The Vanilla Ice Project, a home makeover series hosted

“Fox & Friends” Anchors “Ice Off” [VIDEO]

Check out what happened when two FOX and Friends anchors had an “Ice Off” to Vanilla’s Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” on the “Fair and Balanced” FOX News Channel on Monday. While we’re on the subject of Vanilla Ice, did you know that early ’90s emcee is back in a new reality show? Don’t worry, he’s

Cowell ”relaxes in Jacuzzi, eating ice cream while watching cartoons”

‘X Factor” mogul Simon Cowell”s relaxation regime before a live show consists of sitting in a huge Jacuzzi, eating ice cream – while watching kids” cartoons. The acid-tongued star, 51, insists that DVDs of Wacky Races and Tom and Jerry are supplied to him. “He says it”s his way of relaxing. His dressing room is

Julia Roberts film floods Italian ice cream shop

Lovelorn single women have flooded the tiny ice cream shop in Italy in homage to a best-selling book which captured the quest for self-discovery and has now been turned into a film starring Julia Roberts. The Gelateria di San Crispino has been flooded with woman having copies of ”Eat, Pray, Love” by an American author,

Clumsy Reporter Destroys Ice Sculpture (Fact Or Fiction?)

Yikes! Talk about close encounters of the awkward kind. A clumsy news reporter was left shamefaced at the Orange County Fair in California this week after he clumsily destroyed an artist’s ice sculpture live on air — but some are speculating that the apparent accident set-up.Sculptor Roland Hernandez was proudly showing off an intricately carved