Emma Stone to play Spiderman’s love interest in prequel

It’s official – Emma Stone is set to play Spiderman’s love interest in the prequel – but she won”t hit the screen as Mary Jane Watson. Instead, she will be seen as Peter Parker”s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, according to Columbia Pictures president Matt Tolmach, reports The Daily Star. And Andrew Garfield will play the new

Is Justin Bieber Dating “Baby” Love Interest Jasmine Villegas?

Kim Kardashian and former Belieber Sydney Dalton can rest easy. It looks like those Biebs Fanatics are going to have a new lady to send death threats too. Justin Bieber has been snapped locking lips with the beautiful girl that appeared as his love interest in the “Baby” music video.That’s right, the teen sensation

Robert Pattinson has no desire to become a party animal

Robert Pattinson has no interest in becoming a party animal just because he is a celebrity.
The ‘Twilight’ star insisted that he wishes to maintain a low profile.
“I don”t have any desire to do that (the party scene). I really don”t. I don”t request anything from anyone so I don”t want them to ask things of