Christina Aguilera left bruised by debut movie ‘Burlesque’

While shooting for her debut movie ‘Burlesque’, Christina Aguilera got so many bruises that she looked like a “car crash victim”. The Dirrty singer, 29, admitted the punishing dance routines were challenging. And she kept whipping her legs with a long diamond necklace in rehearsals. “Getting down on my knees for some of the movements

Josh Duhamel left stunned after mysterious woman grabbed him for a kiss

Actor Josh Duhamel is said to have been left stunned after a mysterious woman tried to make out with him at the premiere of his movie ‘Life as We Know It’. Duhamel, 37, who is married to Black Eyed Peas star Fergie, 35, was shocked when the woman marched up to him after the movie

When Christina Hendricks’ ‘bath’ mention left Brian McFayden speechless

Christina Hendricks usually leaves men speechless with her looks, but this time just her words did the trick. According to, when KTLA anchor Brian McFayden asked Hendricks about the moment she found out about the nomination, she replied saying that she was running her bath at the time – leaving the anchor agape. The