‘X Factor’: Josh Krajcik’s two left feet, Nicole

josh-krajcik-friends-x-factor.jpgThe finale of “The X Factor”
is just days away. So new and different things are always happening.

Here the best of what was going on when the cameras stopped rolling:

Two left feet – There’s a lot of things that Josh Krajcik does well. He’s got a great voice. He can rock the guitar. He can play the piano. But one thing he can’t do is dance. During the opening musical number of “Shout”/”No Diggity” Krajick looked completely out of place while the other three contestants shook their booties.

Zig-a-zig ah – Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown (a.k.a. “Scary Spice”) was said to be in the audience. Brown knows the drill on “The X Factor” as she’s a judge on the Australian version of the show.

– (Florence + the Machine) – While the home viewer might have thought the British indy rock group was performing their tune “Spectrum” during Thursday’s show, they weren’t. They sang it the other day and the audience was treated to a taping. It’s not nearly the same thing.

Thank You – During the commercial break after Melanie Amaro made it through to the finals, Simon Cowell took a moment to thank the audience for supporting her. An obviously relieved Cowell tells the crowd, “You followed through. Melanie’s in the finals.”

Nicole Scherzinger or Cher? – The judge had a busy night in the changing room, donning three separate outfits during the one-hour show. She started off with a white frilly dress before switching into her black rocker outfit for her own musical performance. She finished off the night in a full-length purple gown.

Photo/Video credit: FOX

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