Charlie Sheen Eyes $10 Million Book Deal; Sits For ABC News Interview

Charlie Sheen has granted an interview to ABC News and is looking to sell a tell-all book for $10 million after his award-winning CBS sitcom was put on indefinite hiatus last week. In a chat with over the weekend, Sheen promised that the book would be a behind-the-scenes memoir of his eight seasons as

Kardashians Worth $65 Million

A big caboose equals big bucks for The Kardashian Klan. Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and the rest of the gang from Hollywood’s favorite underclothed and overtanned stage family have earned millions in the four years since Kim’s videotaped romp with Brandy’s brother (aka Ray J) helped them land the E! reality smash Keeping Up With The

Ke$ha Becomes Disney Princess As Ex-Managers Sue For $14 Million

First there was Snow White. She was followed by Cinderella. And there was nothing cooler than 1989′s introduction of finned-princess Ariel. Now The Mice of Disney Inc. are rolling out the red carpet for a grungier kind of Animated Princess: Pop grunter Ke$ha. “An exclusive, sneak peak at the newest Disney movie; Disney’s Princess Ke$ha.