Hey Beliebers, Quit Yelling At Justin Bieber!

They’ve been known to sprint, cyber bully, stampede, and move mountains all for the chance to speak to him, but pop sensation Justin Bieber has only one request of the legion of obsessed young women who call themselves his “Beliebers:” “Quit yelling at me!” The “One Less Lonely Girl” singer, 16, says he is sick of

Bethenny Claims Changes in Housewives or She Will Quit the Show

Bethenny Frankel made a decision to follow the former star Dina Manzo and stop her participation in the show called Real Housewives of New Jersey. Frankel reveals her idea that the likelihood for her to quit the show is too high. She calls it Bravo’s hit franchise produced by NYC. The only thing that can

5 Musicians Who Quit Before Their Bands Went on to Make a Killing

Everyone boy wants to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band. World domination and female adoration are heady things. Yet fame is elusive, hard to get, and most of us never get near it. Here are a few boys who had it within their grasp – they were in a little band, they strummed the

Megan Fox On “Transformers” Exit: “I Wasn’t Fired — I Quit!”

Megan Fox expects us to believe that she voluntarily walked away from her leading role in the blockbuster action-flick franchise Transformers. Uh-huh…And I’m Betty White.Megan, who solidified her status as a modern day sex symbol playing Shia LaBeouf’s sultry love interest in the first two Transformers movies, has been dropped from the third, Paramount Studio chiefs

Crystal Bowersox Intends to Quit ‘American Idol’

Recently at the “American Idol” something strange happened around two weeks from now, the singer Crystal Bowersox who had abandoned the show for a while, very last month because of being hospitalized for diabetes was singing the swan song when Ryan Seacrest made a step forward.
Yes, Seacrest had something else in mind, the lady