Flops immaterial, Akshay Kumar on film signing spree

akshay kumar74145Action. Comedy. Multi-starrers. Flops, flops and more flops. Akshay Kumar might be yearning to roll out a decent hit since “Singh Is Kinng”, but experts say it is not the end of the road for the Bollywood star. “Akshay Kumar is a star and will remain a star irrespective of the fate of his films.

Miley Cyrus Lingerie Shopping Spree $3K

Posing partially nude on the cover of a major magazine: Check Pole-Dancing onstage at a children’s awards show: Check Dropping three grand on lacy underpants: Check Check A DUI bust is the only thing still standing between Miley Cyrus and her inevitable future as Lindsay Lohan 2.0! Word on the Curb has it that the once clean-cut Disney