Kurt Cobain “Ren & Stimpy” Theme Song Rejected

Before Kurt Cobain became the ’90s’ Poster Child for teenage angst and angry youth, the Nirvana frontman wrote a theme song for the colorful animated series Ren & Stimpy that was rejected by the show’s bosses. In a podcast on Nerdist.com this week, Billy West, the voice behind the lovably-dimwitted feline Stimpy, remembered the day

Ryan Gosling Sings “My Little Pony” Theme Song [VIDEO]

During a recent interview with ABC News, Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling sings the “My Little Pony” theme song frequently performed by his Blue Valentine co-star, Faith Wladyka. Hoping he was getting it right, Ryan said: “I always get it wrong. She’s gonna be so mad.” The movie, co-starring Michelle Williams, sparked Oscar buzz well before

“Beautiful” Girls Of The Social Network Get A Theme Song!

This video goes out to all you “MySpace Models!” (Wait, do people still hang out on MySpace?)Actor, dancer and YouTube comic Robert Hoffman has put together a hilarious — and at times biting — video with a very important message for women who frequent sites like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook: Sporting your muffin top in a

A restaurant dedicated to Window 7 theme

In order to promote its new operating system, Microsoft has launched a Windows 7 themed restaurant in Taipei. The restaurant has been named as 77 Concept Store and it features seven technology-themed dishes like Electronic Beancurd.
An executive with Microsoft Taiwan has said that the restaurant was picked because it was popular amongst small