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‘American Horror Story: The Mist’: What does the Season 6 theme mean?

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A huge piece to the “American Horror Story” Season 6 puzzle seems to have been revealed on Wednesday (Aug. 31) when a post hit Reddit showing TV Guide’s listing for the upcoming season premiere. The title, as it also appeared on Rotten Tomatoes, lists the new season as “American Horror Story: The Mist.”

It’s possible it could just be a placeholder title, simply referencing the title of one of the show’s recent teasers. But what if it isn’t?

Some may think this title is another ruse, put on by the tricksters at FX, but TV Guide would only print what the network sent them. The same goes for Rotten Tomatoes, so we’re going to assume they accidentally let the cat out of the bag, so let’s put our speculation hats on and figure out what this new title may mean.

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If this really is the new theme of FX’s anthology series, it’s an interesting direction to take. All previous installments of Ryan Murphy’s program have been named after physical places: “Murder House,” “Asylum,” “Coven,” “Freak Show” and “Hotel.” It’s worth pointing out that for Seasons 4 and 5, the storylines were more about the community than the physical places those characters existed.

But a mist? To call that a place, would be to call a storm or fire a place. And while elemental weather patterns can’t be located on a map, per say, they definitely do exist in a physical manner. If Dian Fossey can head to the mist with the gorillas, then it’s definitely a place ripe for some creepy exploration.

Previously, it’s been said that Season 6 will be changing things up and the show will follow a new narrative format that diverts from that of previous seasons. When pondering what this title could mean, it’s hard not to think of the Stephen King story, “The Mist” — and the movie … and the TV series in development.

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But, for those fans that may be up-in-arms at the concept that Murphy could be stealing from King with this new theme, let us remind you all of TMZ’s leaked set photos. To refresh your memories, the set images display a colonial scene with the word “CROATOAN” carved into a tree. This Lost Colony theme is an intriguing one and we’re still of the mindset that it’ll play a big part in the new episodes.

This is where this “Mist” scenario may play a big part as the Roanoke Colony seemingly up and disappeared without a trace, according to … well … American History. What if, this mist we’re referring to was more of a fog? More specifically, could Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk be tipping their hats to John Carpenter’s 1980 film, “The Fog”?

The main story in the horror film, which stars a post “Halloween” Jamie Lee Curtis, follows the citizens of a small town terrorized by a mysterious fog that rolls in from the ocean. This misty facade is the form a bunch of vengeful ghosts take, seeking vengeance after dying in an accident at sea a century ago.

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When you think about it, the idea makes a lot of sense in the series’ canon. Spirits in the “AHS”-verse are trapped to the confines in which they died, so if the colony at Roanoke disappeared —  possibly at the hands of a killer mist — could their ghosts return a century later to wreak havoc on the town’s citizens … inside said mist?

We only have a week and a half before these questions become answers. Is “The Mist” the actual theme the new episodes will be following? Fans everywhere will find out soon enough. “American Horror Story” Season 6 begins Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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