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‘Teen Wolf’ reveals the Nazi werewolf, but why is he eating souls?

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Are you sufficiently grossed out “Teen Wolf” fans?

We’ve been wondering where that Nazi werewolf went after breaking free of the Dread Doctors last season, and now we know. He got himself a position at Beacon Hills High as Mr. Douglas (Pete Ploszek), a physics teacher with a side habit of eating souls.

Technically, he eats brain matter that supposed to house the human soul, but either way, it’s incredibly gross.

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We spoke to Ploszek about Mr. Douglas’ shocking hidden identity, and how he’ll factor into Season 6 of “Teen Wolf.”

“As the season goes on, you’ll see that I have some plans of my own that may or may not relate to the Ghost Riders,” Ploszek teases.

We can only hope he’ll be fighting these Ghost Riders off and helping the pack get Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) back, but so far that theory seems like a long shot.

Ploszek also hinted we’ll be getting some great flashbacks to World War II, as we dig deeper into Douglas’ past, which should provide for some good battle scenes. Not to mention, wasn’t Stiles’ grandfather a soldier in World War II? Sounds to us like there’s some opportunity there for tie-ins with the “Save Stiles” mission.

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Speaking of Stiles’ grandfather, we never thought we’d be grateful for dementia, but whatever part of Elias Stilinski’s (Patrick Gorman) brain is responsible for memory has somehow been able to cling to his real memories instead of the fake ones the Ghost Riders have provided. Now that he’s planted the seed that Sheriff Stilinkski (Linden Ashby) has a son, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to realizing that he’s the one the Ghost Riders kidnapped.

Also, don’t think we missed that hint about Stiles’ first name. We’re going to have to start making guesses at what off-the-wall name his parents picked out for him.

Now that Corey (Michael Johnston) has figured out a way to make the Ghost Riders visible, we’re one step closer to figuring out how to fight them off. Bullets didn’t seem to work too great on them, and the mountain ash can only last so long.

Maybe it’s time to ask Papa Argent (J. R. Bourne) for some monster hunting tips while he’s in town?

“Teen Wolf” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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