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The 10 Most Important ‘Interstellar’ Mysteries Revealed at Comic-Con 2014

interstellarQuite frankly, the Paramount presentation in the cavernous Hall H of Comic Con today seemed like, at least superficially, it wouldn’t offer much in the way of thrills. This turned out to not be the case, with a debut of the “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” trailer, some footage from “SpongeBob SquarePants 2” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and a surprise appearance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (who bellowed “Finally! The Rock has come back to Comic Con!” and then invited everybody to see “Hercules” tonight at three San Diego-area theaters).

But the biggest, brashest, splashiest moment happened when Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan, both making their Comic Con debuts, took the stage to talk about their upcoming science-fiction epic “Interstellar” (out this fall). They chatted about the film and then showed a brand new trailer for the movie, and everything from here on out should be double-underlined and highlighted — we’re entering spoiler territory. It’s nothing too revelatory, but still: if you don’t want to know anything, turn back now. We can say that it looks awesome though. And come November, you won’t be disappointed.

1. They Land on Another Planet
This was something that the initial teasers left purposefully ambiguous, and led to much speculation: would the entire movie about the voyage itself, or would they actually touch down. As this new trailer shows you: they do.

2. Jessica Chastain Almost Certainly Plays McConaughey’s Grown Daughter
This is something else that everyone was scratching their heads about — who does Jessica Chastain play, exactly, when it’s pretty clear that she’s not part of the exploratory space mission. This trailer seems to confirm the fact that she plays McConaughey’s grown daughter. Hey, this is a movie about a group of people who travel through space and time.

3. Nolan Wants This Thing to Be BIG
And we’re not talking about in box office dollars (although we’re fairly certain he wants that too), but just in terms of size and scale. He referenced “2001” a number of times and stated how important the IMAX photography was to capturing the story’s largeness. So yes, “large format” is probably the way to go on this one.

4. McConaughey Plays a Pilot
The trailers make it seem like he’s simply a farmer, recruited for some kind of experimental mission. But the first thing McConaughey said to describe his character was “He’s a pilot.” He said that his dream to fly knocks on his door but he’s put in a tough position because it will mean leaving his two children (he’s a widower).

5. The Visuals Are Stunning
This movie really looks like nothing else — a science fiction epic that is both cold and technological and utterly warm and human. Some of the trippier elements of the space travel are also present in the trailer, offering a nicely kaleidoscopic element to the entire thing.

6. It’s Ambitious
McConaughey described it as “by far the most ambitious film that Christopher Nolan has ever directed,” and considering he made a white knuckle caper movie that took place inside of the human mind and is responsible for the most grandiose superhero trilogy in the history of the medium, this certainly means something.

7. Time (and Technique) Are a Flat Circle
In the same way that the movie plays with time (past and present) and temperature (cold and warm), it also plays with techniques both old and new, real and imagined. While Nolan begrudgingly admitted to the movie featuring some innovations, he also said that the movies visuals were created using a combination of practical and computer-generated effects. He said he always wanted the actors to be reacting to something, when at all possible.

8. It’s Looking to Recapture a Very Specific Sensation
Nolan told a story about his dad taking him to a re-release screening of “2001: A Space Odyssey” in London that only happened because of the success of “Star Wars.” It was a specific sensation that Nolan looked to recapture in “Interstellar,” and judging by the giant, jaw-dropping visuals, he seems to have achieved it handily.

9. It’s All About Character
Not only do you get to see a few more of the characters that populate “Interstellar’s” vast galactic field, but you also see more of the characters that have been introduced in the previous trailers. Particularly we get to see more of Anne Hathaway’s character, who seems to be a scientist and potential love interest for McConaughey’s Cooper. She seems to be a reminder of what he could have on Earth, but maybe has found in the stars. Nolan says this is intentional, as the further you push into the space, the more you realize that it’s about the humans, and not the technology or the fantasy of the scenario, that is really important.

10. You’re Probably Going to Cry
The trailer was highly emotional. The combination of twinkly music and jaw-dropping visuals made us well up, especially when McConaughey, in honey-dipped narration, talks about his family and what his mission means to him on a personal level. When he said “We’ll find a way. We always have” at the end of the trailer, we nearly wept. In front of someone dressed as an anime character.

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