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‘The Bachelor’: The first person drops the L bomb & it’s way more terrifying tha…

A “To Be Continued” announcement isn’t traditionally necessary, when there’s nary an audience member doubting if the story will continue on in next week’s episode, or how it all works. The battle between Taylor and Corrine should’ve ended immediately, and Monday’s (Jan. 30) 2-on-1 date should’ve put a cap on it. Corrine won. What’s left to see?

Reminiscent of Chad‘s hunter-like return from the woods to speak with “Bachelorette” JoJo Fletcher one last time after losing his 2-on-1 date, Taylor marches herself back through through the swamps of New Orleans to confront Nick for a final chat.

“Their relationship is built off of whipped cream — and lies,” Taylor says of Nick and Corrine… And she can’t leave without telling Nick the truth about the girl he just chose over her.

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Previews for next week make it seem like both Taylor and Corrine will be going home — but it’s hard to imagine Corrine not making it to the hometown dates. We have to meet her nanny Raquel, and the parents responsible for raising such a spoiled, entitled joke of a lovely mature woman. Plus, as the weeks go on, it’s becoming clear that Corrine may be just the right fit for Nick. The more we get to know the women on his cycle, the more we realize that most truly are way too good for him.

rachel and nick The Bachelor: The first person drops the L bomb & its way more terrifying than romantic

Rachel is a doll. It is so much fun watching her one-one date with Nick because she is easily lovable and genuinely herself. (Take note, “Bachelorette” producers!) Proudly rocking sneakers during the fairytale date only earned more points.

Also way above Nick’s pay grade: Vanessa, Danielle M., Kristina… Even Alexis, the aspiring dolphin trainer, is better off without… this.

nick gif The Bachelor: The first person drops the L bomb & its way more terrifying than romantic

This week we watched as Astrid (who?) and Sarah were left without roses — the latter of whom, at least, was an utter surprise. The fact that Nick chose Josephine and Jaime to stay, instead of Sarah — two women with whom he has zero chemistry — well, it makes us question if he’s actually learned anything in his past three seasons on this show.

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In this week’s group date, the girls had to hang out with Nick at a haunted mansion. While there’s a ton of creeps planted throughout this old Louisiana house for suspenseful fun,  by the scariest thing in this haunted mansion is Raven.

Here’s the thing, we love Raven. Far more than Corrine, she is reality TV show gold. You can’t fake this kind of crazy.

everything is good gif The Bachelor: The first person drops the L bomb & its way more terrifying than romantic

Raven first grabbed out hearts last week after she told Nick during her 1-on-1 date that she stabbed her cheating ex in the head with a stiletto heel — and she got our attention this week the moment she walked into the supposedly haunted house and said, “I did not sign up to be ‘Ghostbusters.’ If I see a ghost, I’m gonna rebuke that thing in the name of Jesus.”

that s so raven The Bachelor: The first person drops the L bomb & its way more terrifying than romantic

That’s so Raven, amiright?

Things get even more wonderfully terrifying when Raven gets a little more solo time with Nick later in the evening. She blurts out, “Actually, the moment I fell in love with you…” Err. What? Before Nick can sputter out any sort of response, Raven continues on to explain that it was after their last date, when he hummed a tune from “The Little Mermaid,” she just knew. “It made my heart pitter patter when we had that moment.”

falling in love gif The Bachelor: The first person drops the L bomb & its way more terrifying than romantic

Oh, this dear sweet possibly deranged girl is everything and more. Nick’s going to have to keep her around, because if this southern belle doesn’t get a rose, she’s going to go “Carrie” on him and everyone left in the mansion. She may be petite, but she’s quite a firecracker — and while she looks like a beauty queen, underneath she is full on Annie Wilkes a la “Misery.”

When asked her opinion on Nick’s 2-on-1 date with Corrine and Taylor, Raven says, “I think they will both fight to the death.” If next week there’s more Raven and less Corrine, that would be fantastic. We’d ask for less Whitney, but that’s truly not possible.

And no more relegating all of Alexis’ scenes to after the closing credits, either! This Nick Cage ghost-fearing Jersey Girl never needed a dolphin suit to stand out: From her weird streak to her proudly paid-for rack, she’s just wildly entertaining.

“The Bachelor” airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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