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The best ‘Lord of the Rings’ characters, according to Stephen Colbert


It’s common knowledge at this point that Stephen Colbert is one big “Lord of the Rings” nerd. He even appeared in a “Hobbit” movie, for crying out loud! And while his nerd cred goes quite deep in this arena, it doesn’t stop him from talking Tolkien with his “Late Show” crowd.

A new “Late Show” clip hit Youtube on Thursday (Aug. 4) which finds Colbert waxing poetic over two specific characters: Samwise Gamgee and Gandalf.  “Well Samwise Gamgee is the best character,” Colbert says in a passionate response to an audience question.

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Not only is he the wise and brave one, but Colbert posits an observation on poor dear Frodo.

“Why does anyone think Frodo is going to throw the ring in the fire?,” Colbert asks. “Because when Gandalf first tells him it’s the ring of power, he says to him, ‘try to throw the ring into your little coal fire here,’ and he can’t do it then. Why does he think he’s going to be able to throw it into the cracks of doom later? Gandalf has not put as much thought into this as I have.”

Honestly, we can’t think of anyone who has put as much thought into this as he has. However, we can all probably agree that having Gandalf come to the “Late Show” set for an interview would probably be the single best moment on television.

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