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The Breaking Bad Cast Teases Season 4 (VIDEO)

“There’s nothing boring about Walter White’s life now,” says actor Bryan Cranston. That’s how the man who won three Emmys in as many seasons for playing the role of Walter describes Season 4 of Breaking Bad.

While the focus of the new season isn’t entirely clear, rumor has it that Walter dives off the deep end (he’s certainly no longer the sweet little pussycat we met back in Season 1). But what about everyone else? How is Jessie handling the aftermath of that little task he had to complete at the end of Season 3? Is Skylar adjusting to life on the dark side? Will Saul be able to squirm out of any new trouble caused by Walt’s decisions?

AMC posed these same questions to the people who know the answers—the show’s cast—in this inside look at Breaking Bad Season 4.

Usually when actors pimp a TV show, they do it because it’s part of their job—and they’ll say whatever the network tells them to say in order to generate the most interest. But there’s something about Breaking Bad and its cast that makes me believe every word they’re saying.

I still contend that Breaking Bad is the best show on television right now and I can’t wait for Season 4, which premieres July 17 on AMC. My only question is: If Walter turns into a monster like everyone is suggesting he will, are we still supposed to root for him? Could he become a legitimate villain? Even if Walter ends up cutting the tails off puppies and burning down orphanages, I’m still gonna be on his side. I have a soft spot for nerds-turned-evil-masterminds, and deep down, don’t we all wish we had balls as big as Walt’s?

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