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‘The Flash’ needs to save itself from Barry Allen

The journey of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) on “The Flash” is an interesting one because of how incredibly massive his mistakes tend to be time and time again, regardless of whether he thinks he’s learned his lesson. It’s enough to leave you wondering what it is that makes those around him still think he’s so likable.

He’s repeatedly altered his own timeline with little regard for the negative impact it could have on those he loves. Then, after finally learning the lesson that he needs to stop screwing around with the past, he decided to alter the present — to change the course of the future in an effort to save Iris (Candice Patton). You can’t exactly blame him for going to drastic lengths to keep the love of his life alive, but it was more of the same from the show’s titular hero.

In changing the present, he signed a lease for himself and Iris, whom he hadn’t been dating long, before asking her to move in with him and then proposed. While we all believe these two truly love each other, even Barry admitted he did it in an effort to change the little things to save Iris. That’s right, his proposal was essentially a sham.

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Now, after a trip back into the Speed Force, Barry has made another ill-advised decision — and all it took was Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) sacrificing himself to help him escape back to Earth-1. After telling Iris his marriage proposal wasn’t as sincere as we all wish it was, he tells her he loves her, then… Dumps her?

That’s right, Barry says it’s time for him to accept the future, so he can save her — and that includes the dreaded “spending some time apart.”

Listen Barry, we get it. You’re having a rough year — a rough few years, even. But you’re a superhero, and once upon a time you were the very best superhero The CW had to offer. “The Flash” was a show of light and hope. It’s hard to feel that while its central character makes such poor decisions, though.

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That doesn’t means Barry can’t make mistakes — He absolutely should. This is the origin story of the Flash, the man who will be saving the world for some time to come. That man has lessons to learn and mistakes to make. But we’ve reached a tipping point.

“The Flash” is three seasons in, and it’s time for Barry to start taking what he’s learned from his bad decisions and applying it. Central City and those who tune in are ready for a more mature Flash. Granted, Barry Allen shouldn’t be perfect. But he’s got young speedsters to mentor now.

What can Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Jesse (Violett Beane) possibly learn from someone who never makes the right decision? It’s time for a reckoning, Barry. We need you to start becoming the man you’re destined to be — instead of the boy who thinks he already is.

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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