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‘The Originals’ drops some big hints about Season 4’s big bad

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The mystery surrounding the Season 4 villain in “The Originals” is a tough one to untangle. However, slowly but surely, the CW series is bringing clues to light that wipe away some of the shadows surrounding whatever this child-targeting monster is.

In the third episode of the season, “Haunter of the Ruins,” a lot of time was spent showing Klaus (Joseph Morgan) getting to know his daughter Hope (Summer Fontana), which humanized him in a way we’ve never really seen before as an audience. While that’s happening though, trouble is brewing in New Orleans as the unseen villain is snatching children to sacrifice.

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We learn that whatever is happening is likely tied to Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) and his former wife Eva. Years ago, when Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) rules New Orleans, the witches lived in fear. Vincent attempted to make things safer for his wife and their unborn child using dark magic — but Eva took things a step further, killing their own pet as a sacrifice. The implication if things got even deeper for Eva and she began snatching children for her dark magic ways before falling prey to and becoming a demon — at which point, all hope was lost.

However, what Vincent doesn’t know is what became of their child. Now, all these years later, and children are being snatched for a sacrifice… That makes us believe that perhaps it’s the child of Vincent and Eva that’s behind all of this — but to what end? We know it can control people — as we see when Will Kinney (Jason Dohring) slashes an ambulance driver’s throat at the last minute, snatching the children Marcel and Vincent saved right back.

It’s a scary time to be a kid on “The Originals” — which is perfectly horrible timing for the Mikaelsons. Whatever this threat, its sights are set on Hope… And she’s already suffering because of it. For the first time, she’s sick — and the only cure is in New Orleans. While that means the Mikaelsons are coming home, it could also mean they’re walking straight into this new villain’s trap.

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We have no doubt the family will do anything to keep Hope safe — but who will have to die to make that feasible? Just when they thought they were out, magic drags them back in…

“The Originals” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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