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The secret feuds, besties & all-out war backstage at ‘The Bachelor’

The experience of being on such a popular reality TV series and the overnight rise to fame is so unique, it makes sense that the women who compete together on “The Bachelor” end up becoming close friends. Contractually, they can’t speak in detail about what’s not shown on camera — so they truly only have each other to lean on. And during filming, only so much time is actually spent with “Bachelor” star Nick Viall: Most hours are spent hanging out at the mansion, without the distractions of movies, magazines, phones or internet.

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Like at summer camp, deeps bonds quickly form — as do deep rifts. In a group of 22 people, the odds are low that everyone would get along. And for normal adults, that’s totally fine. But for ladies assigned a personal producer, whispering God knows what into their ear to make a splash and stir up the drama? Not so much.

Making the mature decision to pick and choose your battles, and to rise above the drama, is strictly not encouraged — and any slights between the women are magnified with the magic of post-production editing and thrust into the national spotlight.

Take, for example, the feud between Taylor and Corinne.

corinne give me a break gif The secret feuds, besties & all out war backstage at The Bachelor

Corinne didn’t seem to have many friends while filming. She was ridiculed for having a full-time nanny, napping during the rose ceremonies, and overall, for just being a spoiled brat. However, certain ladies were singing a different tune during “The Women Tell All” special. Now that Corinne’s become a huge break-out star, with nearly half a million Instagram followers, and is a shoo-in for “Bachelor in Paradise” at least, these girls who couldn’t stand to be in the same room with her are now all about Team Corn.

Josephine, Jasmine G, Hailey (who?) and Lacey (who?) all fiercely defended this season’s villain at the reunion show. Why? They’re thirsty! If they can connect their name with hers, it improves their chances of getting on “Paradise.” They want to ride this obnoxious 24-year-old’s blonde extensions to reality TV fame.

corinne gif The secret feuds, besties & all out war backstage at The Bachelor

Little do they know Corinne’s set on a much higher goal than “Paradise.” This young lady, who straight-faced claims to run her family’s multi-million-dollar company, wants her own show. And the crazy thing is, she just might get it — so whatever piece of the fame pie Corinne’s serving up, you can bet a few of her former roommates will want a slice. Even if it means swallowing their dignity along with it.

Corinne still has her haters — Sarah is still pissed she slept through that rose ceremony, Danielle M and Elizabeth (seriously, who?) tells Corinne during “The Women Tell All” that she’s quote “All about unleashing her inner Khaleesi… but you’re a slob kabob.”

We don’t know exactly what that means either, but it definitely seems like a burn.

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The most surprising rift, however, was left off camera altogether. And while it sounds crazy that “The Bachelor” would choose to leave such compelling drama on the cutting room floor — especially when the stupid conflict between Taylor and Corinne was so boring — the fight involved Vanessa, the woman Nick proposes to at the end still in the running for Nick’s heart… And Rachel, the next “Bachelorette.”

You didn’t need to be an ace sleuth to see that most of the girls in the house were Vanessa fans, and that everyone loved Rachel. The hugs from each departing contestant said it all: Genuine, big bear hugs for Rachel, and forced, awkward embraces with Vanessa.

As the weeks went by, the house seemed to gradually turn against Vanessa — and Reality Steve‘s insider information gives us very credible theory as to why, and how this rift in the house came to a head while on vacation in Bimini.

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After Rachel came home from her 1-on-1 date with Nick, Vanessa was nowhere to be seen. Viewers couldn’t help but wonder, “Where’s Vanessa?” According to Reality Steve, this was day of “the big fight” between Rachel and Vanessa.

As the competition became tighter, Vanessa became stressed out and told Rachel that she “felt bullied,” and called her out for not being “real”… And Rachel couldn’t help but laugh in response.

vanessa crying gif The secret feuds, besties & all out war backstage at The Bachelor

Apparently, Vanessa was “fake” to everyone in the house. She defriended Taylor after she became unpopular in the house, tried to forge a friendship with Corinne after talking smack about her to the other girls, and even though she acted friendly to Danielle L’s face, she tattled to Nick that she wasn’t there for the right reasons.

That tactic of warming up to all the women, and then confiding her info to Nick the next, became obvious to everyone — so Rachel distanced herself from Vanessa. And when Vanessa told Nick that Rachel was manipulating everyone in the house against her, the attorney from Texas had had it.

It seems these two are still not friends: Rachel follows all her former “Bachelor” girls on Instagram, except for Vanessa — though tragically, Vanessa continues to follow Rachel… And when she posted a celebratory picture of Rachel the day she was named “Bachelorette,” it was soon after deleted. Someone coming across that post might assume these two are besties — and she’d be called out for continuing to be so fake.

Vanessa’s only remaining connection seems to be Danielle M…

…And those who are friends with everyone: Kristina, the beloved “I see life in color,” fiercest woman of all “Bachelor” time — and Alexis, the girl who dressed up as a dolphin and turned out to be the coolest chick ever.

These two are also super close with each other. And the amount of social media posts dedicated to these girls’ awesomeness is non-stop.

Sarah, Astrid and Whitney also seem to be loved by all parties, and it’s super refreshing to see. It’s honestly much more fun to see women getting along, and supporting each other, than folding into petty unsustainable drama.

And we also commend Rachel for keeping it real. She could’ve gone public on her feud with Vanessa, but why? What purpose would that serve?

Like Kristina, Alexis, Liz, Christen, and Raven, she’s simply not getting further involved. And why would she? Vanessa is maybe getting engaged to Nick — but Rachel’s making history as the first black “Bachelorette” star.

If there was a battle to hash out, it’s already been won.

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The “Bachelor” finale airs Monday, Mar. 13, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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