‘The Walking Dead’: Michael Rooker says he’s back for Season

walking-dead-michael-rooker.jpgWondrous news for fans of “The Walking Dead” from WonderCon, where actor Michael Rooker announced that he will be returning to the show in Season 3 as Merle Dixon, Daryl’s trouble-making older brother.

During a panel for the zombie-centric video game “Lollipop Chainsaw,” Rooker discussed his return and added that he had to lose 20 pounds for the role, reports Daily Dead.

Twenty pounds? Sounds like Merle’s either been on the run or perhaps imprisoned by a sadistic new character we know is arriving in Season 3, too: The Governor (David Morrissey has been cast).

Fans of the show know we last saw a living, breathing Merle on the top of an Atlanta highrise where he had been handcuffed to a pipe by Rick. In Season 2 he made a brief return in Daryl’s fever dream.

Zap2it has reached out to AMC for confirmation. Also on Saturday (March 17), the show’s official Twitter account sent out this message, which sure sounds like a casting announcement is on the way:

“This Sunday #TalkingDead will make a special announcement about #TWDSeason 3 live on the show! Tune in and watch 3/18 at 10pm/9c!”

Above: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) holds a gun to Merle’s head in Season 1.

Photo/Video credit: AMC