This Week’s Best Dressed Star: Vanessa Hudgens

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03/23/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Vanessa Hudgens yellow dressStacie McChesney/NBC

For a while this week, Vanessa Hudgens had a 100% “Love It” vote (now still a strong 96%) in “Last Night’s Look,” and we weren’t a bit surprised.

That’s because her sunny $ 495 Alice + Olivia “Taryn” dress, worn with golden Jerome C. Rousseau heels, Doves earrings and a $ 41K (!) Demarco flower ring, was a personal best for the star.

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Her olive complexion and phenomenally fit figure are both perfect for the clingy, bright dress, and the accessories are spot-on. We’d like to advise her to tack this above her mirror to help fight her natural impulse to go over-the-top.

A close second this week was Stacy Keibler in snow-white Escada and nude heels, with a 94% “Love It” vote. There seems to be an important lesson to be learned from these two striking celebs: often, the simplest looks make the biggest impact.

Was Hudgens your best-dressed star this week? If not, who was?

–Alex Apatoff

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