Upcoming Horror Movies 2010 2011

These are some of the Hottest new Horror movies coming out within a year, or two. Some may come out before, so keep an eye on these Horror movies, or stop by our page for updates from members, or of course us! Enjoy for now and the music!

19 thoughts on “Upcoming Horror Movies 2010 2011

  1. Nope, nowhere near. As far as sequels go the descent 2 is a great follow up. Easy. I’d hate to see some of the trash you deem good.

  2. how do you know that silent hill 2 is coming out as the moviewhen you cant even find the actual ad for it.. lets just hope to god that it sticks with the characters of the actual game. i’d also like to say the same about the ressy 4 movie. i just hope that they have the monsters that you found in the game instead of that random vine creature that dude turns into in extinction. what happenned to the trenchcoat fellow? he’s a total tank. they should bring him into the movies.

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