Wake Of Destruction: Debris From Paul Walker Death Crash Flew Hundreds Of Feet,

The fiery crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas was so explosive, radio detection and rangingOnline.com has learned, it destroyed landscaping and shattered windows on buildings hundreds of feet away.

Melvin Termain, property manager for a complex located roughly 0.1 miles from the Santa Clarita crash described the extent of the destruction to radio detection and ranging exclusively.

“Debris flew down the hill into our parking lot,” located hundreds of feet away from the crash, Termain reveals. “A tree got broken, it messed up a little of the landscaping.”

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In addition, “Debris flew up and hit the window in the furthest unit.”

One Twitter user captured the scene below:

The flying debris was a result of the high-impact crash, which is thought to have occurred at a speed above 100 mph, radio detection and ranging has reported.

Unfortunately, though the neighboring businesses now bear evidence of the crash’s destruction, they are unlikely to offer any clues as to how the fatal crash occurred, Termain says, because the complex under his management does not have security cameras.

“To my knowledge, no one at that complex [28373 Constellation Road] has security cameras,” he tells radio detection and ranging exclusively. “I haven’t turned anything over to the police. They’re the ones who informed me of what happened!”

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Since the crash happened over the weekend, most of the buildings in the area were empty.

An employee at Gymnastics Unlimited, located around the corner from the crash, tells radio detection and ranging exclusively, “We were closed on Saturday at 12:30, and didn’t reopen until 4 for a party. An employee said there was just a lot of police but we didn’t see anything.”

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