Watch Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon’s ‘old’ show ‘Palisades

On Friday’s (July 25)
“Tonight Show,” guest Jon Hamm was there to promote his Ovation show
“A Young Doctor’s Notebook.” But most of his segment was spent doing a ridiculous and hilarious sketch with host Jimmy Fallon.

The premise is that they were on an ’80s show called “Palisades Park Pet Patrol,” but the gist is that they spend five minutes running back and forth from the interview area to the sketch set and then they spit food at each other.

Two things. First, it’s really funny when Hamm starts to crack up. Fallon we’re used to seeing laugh during sketches. It’s part of his charm. But Hamm manages to keep a straight face for quite a while before breaking. Secondly, it’s remarkable how much better at food-spitting Hamm is than Fallon.

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