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Watch Matthew McConaughey Try to Convince People They’re

Some individuals may be actual buzzkills. Matthew McConaughey is the other — he’s all about making a buzz the place there’s actually none available.

At least that was the case throughout a phase on Thursday evening’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

During the phase, McConaughey, dressed as his character Moondog from his new movie “The Beach Bum,” took to Hollywood Boulevard to supply passersby a wide range of marijuana-infused merchandise.

Spoiler alert: There was no marijuana in stated objects.

Still, that didn’t cease some marks from feeling — or at the very least pretending that they had been feeling — excessive after sampling McConaughey/Moondog’s fake weed merchandise.

Such as the lady who tried out McConaughey’s “pot dog” — supposedly containing tomatoes and mustard infused with THC.

Her evaluation after chowing down? “Like, tingly,” she supplied, when McConaughey requested her how she was feeling.

Or the gent within the tie-dye shirt who, after quaffing down a brownish liquid, declared, “I’m feeling a little something. Something, like, relaxing coming over me … Yeah, like I’m at the beach.”

And then there was the poor lady who abruptly discovered that her legs had been “like gummy bears” after not ingesting THC. Or at the very least, not any THC that McConaughey gave her.

Watch McConaughey’s smoke and mirrors routine beneath.

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