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Watch: New Trailers for 'Chips,' 'How to Be a Latin Lover'

In today’s trailer roundup, we’ve got some Bell and some Beast, as in two comedies co-starring Kristen Bell and a war movie starring X-Men‘s Nicholas Hoult:


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When it comes out: March 24 

Who is in it: Michael Pena, Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Maya Rudolph, Adam Brody, Jessica McNamee, Vincent D’Onofrio

What it’s about: Based on the classic TV series about motorcycle cops, this comedic take follows two new partners (Pena and Shepard, who is also the writer and director) in the California Highway Patrol as they investigate an armored car robbery and discover some corruption within the police force.

What is in the new trailer: The new Red Band trailer provides a good deal of plot synopsis along with the R-rated language and raunchy situations, including some Dax Shepart nudity. It’s being sold as the typical buddy cop actioner and there are actually a few good laughs here, such as Brody’s role as a guy who keeps getting shot “accidentally” by Pena’s character. 

What people are saying about it: 

“It’s pretty standard issue, and right now, all signs point to this not surviving more than a few weeks at the box office before it attracts a bigger cult audience on VOD and cable. But even cult audiences are harder to come by nowadays.” – B. Alan Orange, Movieweb

“The first trailer made this look like they’re borrowing from Super Troopers. This new trailer makes it look like they’re borrowing from Point Break. Either way, this really doesn’t look good at all.” – Alex Billington,

“Pena can be hilarious given the right material — he stole Ant-Man right out from under Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd. And Shepard’s got his charms, especially when he’s paired with his adorable real-life wife Kristen Bell. But the gags here just aren’t that interesting.” – Angie Han, /Film

How to Be a Latin Lover

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When it comes out: April 28

Who is in it: Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, Kristen Bell, Raquel Welch, Rob Lowe, Rob Corddry, Michael Cera

What it’s about: Mexican star Derbez, in his first English-language movie, plays as a former ladies man who has just been dumped by his wealthy old wife of 25 years. Now he’s living with his sister (Hayek) and nephew, whom he teaches the ways of being a Latin love, and trying to find a new cash cow of his own, possibly in the form of Welch.

What is in the new trailer: Pretty much the whole first act of a simple comedy, plus a gag involving shoe polish used to dye chest hair. 

Sand Castle 

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When it comes out: April 14

Who is in it: Nicholas Hoult, Henry Cavill, Glen Powell

What it’s about: In this Netflix Original, a squad of U.S. soldiers are tasked with protecting a small village during the American occuption of Iraq. The movie is based on a true events.

What is in the trailer: Hoult injuring himself in order to try to get out of duty and some basic Iraq War/occupation type of action accompanied by the tagline “War divides us, war unites us, war changes us.” 

What people are saying about it:

“The fact that Netflix’s latest original project is based on real events – screenwriter Chris Roessner drew inspiration from his own tour in the Middle East – indicates that the wartime thriller just might have a shot on this year’s awards circuit.” – Michael Briers, We Got This Covered

“[Netflix] really seems to be upping their game as far as casting power and visual aesthetic goes. I don’t think Sand Castle is going remain at the top of that heap, so to speak, but it boasts a decent cast.” – Sean Wist, JoBlo

“While this topic isn’t exactly virgin territory in film, this one seems to rely on pathos, carried by leads in comic book movie men.” – Joseph Baxter, Den of Geek


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