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What Happened to Scorpion on the End?

(Warning: Major spoilers forward for “Mortal Kombat.” Read on at your individual danger)

There are a LOT of fighters in “Mortal Kombat,” every with their very own distinctive potential that proves helpful in saving Earth. But we have to discuss in regards to the ending for one particularly: Hanzo Hasashi, higher generally known as Scorpion.

“Mortal Kombat” is centered on Cole Young, an MMA fighter who finds himself thrust right into a supernatural battle to avoid wasting the world. He bears an historical dragon-shaped marked, signifying his function as certainly one of Earthrealm’s champions in an historical match generally known as Mortal Kombat.

The factor about Cole’s mark although, is that he was born with it. Every different fighter he encounters — Jax, Kano, Sonya Blade — has taken the mark from another person by killing that particular person. Why is Cole totally different? Because his mark was handed down by his bloodline.

Mortal Kombat 2021

Cole is the descendant of Hanzo Hasashi, an unbelievable historical warrior. We meet Hanzo briefly initially of “Mortal Kombat” and see simply how expert a fighter he’s, after his household is murdered by Sub-Zero (who goes by his precise title of Bi-Han at that time). Unfortunately, Sub-Zero in the end finally ends up murdering Hanzo as effectively.

But, because it seems, Hanzo didn’t completely die. According to Lord Raiden, “The moment he died, Hanzo descended into the Netherrealm, the farthest reaches of Hell, endlessly searching for revenge.”

It took centuries, however ultimately, Hanzo returned from hell to get his revenge towards Sub-Zero close to the tip of “Mortal Kombat.” Just when it seemed just like the ice ninja was about to provide Cole a fatality, Hanzo confirmed up with model new costume — a yellow ninja outfit that appears so much like Sub-Zero’s blue one — and a model new title: Scorpion. He and Cole then group as much as kick Sub-Zero’s ass.

“You hoped that I would burn in the fires of Hell,” Scorpion tells Sub-Zero menacingly. “But instead I learned to control them.” He then proceeds to actually breathe hearth, burning Sub-Zero to a crisp, and attaining his lifelong — or somewhat, after-lifelong — mission.

He then turns to Cole. “You have freed me. Take care of my bloodline,” he says, earlier than disappearing in a swirl of flames.

So, um, the place did he go? While we’ll little question discover out for certain within the subsequent “Mortal Kombat” film, we’d as effectively speculate about it now.

The first chance that springs to thoughts, which is arguably the obvious, is that Scorpion merely returned to Hell, as that’s his realm now. He was technically killed in any case. And for all we all know, Scorpion Hanzo couldn’t even proceed residing in Earthrealm.

But he did say he’d been freed. Perhaps he was trapped within the Nether Realm due to Sub-Zero, and his loss of life allowed Scorpion to stroll free. As we noticed with the Earthrealm champions, the arcanas clearly work always. So possibly Scorpion merely portaled himself out of there, however to a distinct place on Earth. It doesn’t appear all that possible, but it surely’s actually a chance.

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Of course, it’s completely believable that Scorpion merely meant he had been freed in a metaphorical sense. Spending centuries making an attempt to actual revenge on a cryomancing ninja might be draining. It weighs heavy on the physique, thoughts and soul. So, in saying that Cole freed him, Scorpion very effectively might’ve meant that he can merely relaxation simple now, together with his household.

But that’s not tremendous possible, no less than not if we’re going by the “Mortal Kombat” sport lore. The factor about Scorpion is that he’s not a superb man or a foul man. He’s solely ever received one factor on his thoughts: Revenge for his slain household and clan, who had been murdered by Sub-Zero. Just like within the sport story, he will get his vengeance.

But that’s not the tip of that story. In the “Mortal Kombat” video games, there was an invisible hand guiding his actions: that of Quan Chi, a demon from Netherrealm we didn’t meet…

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