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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Mid-Credits Scene Explained: Who is

(This article accommodates some spoilers for “Wonder Woman 1984”)

Like most comedian guide films, “Wonder Woman 1984” treats followers to some additional content material by way of a enjoyable mid-credits scene, and it’s one which each expands on an enormous plot level within the film and shouts out to the historical past of Wonder Woman as a popular culture icon.

It doesn’t tease any upcoming films from the bigger DC Extended Universe like “The Suicide Squad” or “Aquaman 2,” however it may, probably, recommend one thing about future “Wonder Woman” films. Maybe. Though we predict it’s only a enjoyable additional second that calls again to one thing Wonder Woman herself, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), mentioned earlier within the movie.

In the scene, we see a girl strolling via some form of outside market when a big picket pole begins to fall. This girl casually catches the heavy pole with one hand, saving a household with a small little one that had been in hurt’s manner.

The mom thanks the girl, who turns round, revealing the face of Lynda Carter, who performed Wonder Woman in 1970s TV sequence. Carter introduces herself as Asteria.

Diana gave some backstory on Asteria earlier within the film. In historic occasions, the Amazons have been enslaved by people, however they freed themselves, and Asteria, their best warrior, held the road “300”-style whereas the others escaped. She was aided on this endeavor by a swimsuit of gold armor solid from the mixed armor of the opposite Amazons.

In Diana’s model of occasions, Asteria apparently died saving the others, as her physique was by no means discovered — simply the empty armor, which Wonder Woman wore for the ultimate battle with Cheetah and Max Lord.

If you assumed that the dearth of a physique meant Asteria lived, effectively, you have been proper. And she’s apparently nonetheless round, and like Diana is principally retaining her superheroics on the DL, although what else she’s as much as stays unknown.

In any case, the mid-credits scene may simply be a enjoyable Easter Egg for followers of Carter’s 1970s “Wonder Woman” TV sequence. But it is conceivable that Carter and Asteria will function extra prominently in future “Wonder Woman” sequels.

After all, Asteria is talked about as a part of the lore in the primary story. Her existence does matter to the plot, quite than being completely extraneous. Plus, it could be a bit bizarre to have two Amazons wandering round out on the earth with out ever assembly.

Just don’t look to DC Comics lore for clues as to the place issues could be heading. As of this writing, the character has no equal within the mainstream DC Comics continuity. In reality, so far as we will inform, the only point out of a feminine superhero by that title occurs in 1998’s “Elseworlds: Supergirl & Batgirl.”

Briefly, “Supergirl & Batgirl” is because the title suggests an “Elseworlds” story — that’s the DC comics line exploring completely different realities in one-off storylines — set in a universe, formally generally known as “Earth 1098,” the place Supergirl and Batgirl are their world’s premiere superheroes like Batman and Superman are usually. That universe’s massive superhero workforce is named the Justice Society, and it’s led by Wonder Woman, who features as a form of mom determine to Supergirl.

Early on within the story, a number of Justice Society A-listers head to Gotham City for an awards gala, however a lot as occurs with the Justice League, a few again benchers are left behind to look at issues at Justice Society HQ. That can be an alternate universe model of Tim Drake, who within the mainstream continuity is Batman’s third robin, and Asteria. Here’s the scene from “Elseworlds: Supergirl & Batgirl” web page 21.

Asteria in Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl Page 21

Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl; Art by Matt Haley

Asteria seems as a background additional in a few different panels however will get no additional dialogue. And that’s actually it. She doesn’t present up once more, so we by no means get to search out out about her powers, whether or not or not she has a secret id, or what nook of the DC universe she’s speculated to be related to.

But that doesn’t…

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