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Worried for Frank? Charlie Weber says he’s ‘absolutely willing to take his

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After months of waiting to find out who’s under that sheet on “How to Get Away with Murder,” Thursday’s (Nov. 10) episode seems to be pretty obviously hinting that Frank (Charlie Weber) will be the one to bite the bullet. Literally.

Even though the circumstances of his return were less than ideal (talk about awkward, walking in on your girlfriend telling her new boy toy that she loves him), it was nice to see the whole team working together against Mahoney. And how messed up is it that we’re still managing to root for these people as they set up an innocent man to take the fall for a murder they committed?

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The final moments of the episode gave us quite a tense reunion between Frank and Annalise (Viola Davis), and we could not be more freaked out about how that confrontation will play out.

Will Frank shoot himself as penance for all that he’s done? Is the fire at Annalise’s house simply a way to cover up that altercation? And how does Laurel factor into this whole mess? We asked Charlie Weber to break it down for us and give Frank fans some hope for his survival.

Please, please, please tell me Frank does not pull that trigger.

Yeah, right? Tell me that! Given who’s left I’d be very worried. It’s a wildly tense scene, and we’re not going to see how that ends up until the finale. So, we’ll see.

Given how that episode ended, do you think Frank and Annalise’s relationship is just completely beyond the point of no return?

It’s so deep, and there’s so much history. It’s endured some hits, but this is a big one. Unfortunately for Frank, it’s not up to him. She has to forgive him. She has to find that or not, and there’s nothing he can do to force her hand on that — and he’s been trying. This is sort of his last attempt to cling to. He’s absolutely willing to take his life, if that’s what she wants.

Can we assume that Annalise’s frame job on Mahoney’s son means Frank is out of the woods for that murder?

I think the Mahoney’s are perhaps going to be a figure in to the life of Annalise and sort of her downfall. They’re very, very powerful people that we’ve done a lot to, notably Frank. There’s so much history there, it’s what started this whole thing. Me and how she lost her baby and then ten years later I killed [Mahoney] and now we’ve framed his son. If they find any of that out, I imagine people that powerful would have something to say about it.

Frank’s first instinct seems to be violence and murder lately. Do you think that’s just who he is? Or is it because of his current situation?

I think he’s just that far gone. It’s like, even though he can’t force the hand of this, he wants to. He wants to find a way, and maybe this will. I think that’s just an example of how far he’s willing to go. It means everything to him, to get back into his family.

liza weil viola davis htgawm abc Worried for Frank? Charlie Weber says hes absolutely willing to take his own life

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So it’s coming from a place of love?

Shockingly, it is. It is misguided, no doubt, but it’s coming from this sort of very, very deep-seated need to be with those two people; to be with that family … We lost Sam, who was a bad person, but now it’s the three of them, and that’s the only real family he knows. He will do whatever it takes to get back into that family.

Now that Frank knows about Laurel and Wes, what would you say his feelings are on that relationship?

You know, he’s so confused about what love is, and whether or not he’s capable of it. I don’t even know if he does or does not understand what that’s supposed to be. I think he’s trying for something that he’s seen in a movie… I don’t think he really understands that version of love. I think he’s capable of love, but sort of on his own terms.

She’s expressed to him on numerous occasions that she does not want to be with him. I don’t know if he can accept that. And not only accept it but then want her, ultimately, to be with someone who does understand that love, and can give that to her.

Is there any sort of future for him and Laurel?

I really don’t know. Frank begs people to love him, and they either do or they don’t… I really don’t know if they have a, future because that would more be up to Laurel than Frank in a lot of ways.

According to my list, Frank and Nate are the only ones unaccounted for on the night of the fire. Can you say anything to help calm Frank fans down about his fate?

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for you. They’re going to pull back that sheet, and somebody’s going to be under there, and that’s all I can say.

“How to Get Away with Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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