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Yolanda Foster Pressures Lisa Rinna To Reveal Source Of Munchausen Claim!

The women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have targets on their backs and better watch out for Yolanda Foster. The former model came out guns blazing on the latest episode of the hit reality show and demanded the truth from Lisa Rinna.

She previously admitted to Yolanda about “engaging in a conversation” on the topic of Munchausen’s syndrome and thought everything was settled.

At Erika Girardi’s fabulous carnival/picnic at her home in Pasadena, the ladies huddled up to finally put those Lyme disease rumors to rest.

Yolanda Confronts ‘RHOBH’ Ladies Who Say She’s Faking Lyme Disease

“You came to my house. We had a very honest conversation,” Yolanda told Rinna. “When you left. When my nurse read me the definition of Munchausen’s disease. That was the biggest f*cking blow I’ve ever had in my life.”

“And I’m sorry about that,” Lisa apologized again but she kept insisting, “It didn’t come from me.”

Yolanda said, “Sorry is not enough … I don’t care. You said it. You put it out into the universe and that sucks.”

Lisa claimed she was “tortured” by the gossip and only confided in Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, who did not look like they wanted to be dragged into a conversation about Yolanda’s health again.

Lisa Rinna Dishes On ‘Speculation’ Surrounding Yolanda Foster’s Health

Yolanda scolded Rinna— “You labeled Kim last year, you labeled Brandi, and now you’re labeling me and it’s wrong.” She demanded the source of the malicious rumor. “You’re the messenger,” she said. “Tell me who said it.”

But Lisa refused to reveal the name because that person wasn’t there to defend his/herself.

Vanderpump interjected by saying there are “discrepancies” which confuse people but the heated debate ended with Yolanda announcing she wanted unconditional support from her close friends no matter what people outside their circle may say.

Rinna was also the center of an uncomfortable conversation at newbie Kathryn Edwards’ San Diego home a few day prior.

The epic Kim Richards Amsterdam meltdown was brought up over lunch during which Kyle had to leave the table because the chatter was too upsetting for her.

Kyle Richards Gets Brutally Honest About Yolanda Foster’s Divorce

Rinna called Kim “vicious and vile,” stating she was “scared” of the former housewife.

“Lisa Rinna’s hands are not completely clean,” Kyle said in her confessional, referring to the “threatening” text message Kim read at the reunion last year from Rinna.

“Kim Richards is an addict. She’s a fucking lunatic,” Lisa said. “Who wants to deal with that?”

After Kyle removed herself, she revealed she is finally texting and talking with Kim and they are beginning on a new path.

The topic struck a very deep chord with Kathryn as she opened up about her father committing suicide when she was thirteen after battling with addiction.

Kim Richards Apologizes To ‘RHOBH’ Cast & Crew In Hopes Of Returning

Someone unexpected also had news about Kim. Adrienne Maloof had lunch with Kyle when the ladies all returned to Beverly Hills.

Adrienne said Kim looked “fantastic” and recovery is not an overnight cure. And to no surprise Kyle started to tear up. “It’s been a rough year. It’s almost impossible to have a good relationship when she’s not in a good place,” she said.

But Kyle is “happy” and “relieved” though still “a little nervous” about her sister as they have “so much work to do” on their relationship and family dynamic.

‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Season 6: Secrets, Drama & Divas!

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