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‘You’re the Worst’: Lindsay & Paul go to a ‘really dark place’ in Season 3


Just when you thought the main characters on “You’re the Worst” couldn’t get any worse, Lindsay (Kether Donohue) goes and stabs her husband Paul (Allan McLeod) with a small kitchen knife in the Season 3 premiere.

In the scene, Lindsay gets increasingly agitated as she realizes just what she’s gotten herself into by getting pregnant with Paul’s baby in an effort to keep him around to take care of her. But creator Stephen Falk tells Zap2it if you think that was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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“I think doing what she did in the first episode is pretty bad, but I keep forgetting about a major storyline that I can’t really talk about,” Falk teases.

He adds, “Suffice to say that because her relationship is not what she wants it to be, she attempts in this season to make it what she wants it to be, to also allow room for what she wants into the relationship, without sneaking around on Paul. So yeah, it does go into a really, really dark place. It’s darker and more twisted than even the first episode.”

Falk also laughs and says Lindsay really only stabbed Paul a little bit, so it wasn’t that terrible. But in all seriousness, Falk says Paul is trying so hard and he feels bad for the guy.

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“Paul didn’t want to leave Amy necessarily. He wanted to do the right thing when he found out Lindsay was pregnant in the finale last season,” says Falk. “He found the female him, the perfect person, and he had to let it go for his own morals and now he’s trying to make it work. He’s getting rid of all his nerd hobbies, and he’s trying to find this fun activity for them to do now that she’s gestating his child, so I feel really bad for him.”

But will we see Amy (Mageina Tovah) in Season 3, as Lindsay perhaps realizes the situation with Paul isn’t right?

“Not this season, no,” says Falk.

Poor Paul.

“You’re the Worst” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FXX.

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