The Baltic state of Estonia is home to 1.3 million people and 1,500 of its local (mostly amateur) filmmakers got together to create the apocalyptic dramedy, That’s IT!. The group wanted to celebrate a century of Estonian cinema, and through the magic of the interwebs they were able to collectively write the script and develop a crew based on an online polling system. Casting was handled via a reality television show, and the whole process took a little over a year. More experienced filmmakers like Ilmar Raag, who directed the 2007 award-winning The Class, and documentarian Jaak Kilmi (Disco and Atomic War) oversaw the group’s production process.

The film chronicles the days leading up to the end of the world and follows a group of friends figuring out how they want to spend their last moments on earth. Check out the trailer below.

[via THR]

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