Congratulations to anyone who put down “Muammar Gaddafi” as their ultimate tie-breaker in the Dead Pool, as the fashion-forward Libyan dictator has met the same fate as The Playboy Club and Charlie’s Angels (though few could argue that his cancellation has come too early). But what does that news have to do with TV? Funny you should ask! The answer is Matthew Perry.

In 1987, the still-young Fox network put a show on the air called Second Chance. It was a sitcom with a premise almost as tortured as some of Gaddafi’s most outspoken critics: A man dies in the year 2011, and is sent back to earth by St. Peter to earn his spot in heaven. So the man and his teen self (Perry) live out their lives, side-by-side. Yeesh. The show lasted two months.

In the prologue to the pilot, none other than Col. Gaddafi enters, having died on July 29, 2011. (The leader was still making headlines, having survived a bombing mission by the U.S. the year prior.) So the prediction was a little short of three months off, but still pretty impressive. Gaddafi is swiftly shown the door to Hell, to the cheers of the audience.

Watch the spooky premonition here (it starts at 2:25), just in time for Halloween! And then get working on your Zombie Gaddafi costumes.

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